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235 45 R18 Tyres

These tyres fit a variety of makes and models, most of which are large sedans and small 4WDs. 235 45R18 tyres have a width of 235mm and an aspect ratio of 55%. The aspect ratio is the height of a tyre in relation to its width. The R in the code indicates that a tyre is made with radial ply construction, while the 18 means that it will fit wheel rims that are 18 inches in diameter.

Tyres have extra elements at the end of their codes, which represent the maximum load capacity and the top speed that they can safely reach. An example is the 235 45 R18 98W, which can carry 750kg for each tyre at up to 270km/h.

235 45 R18 tyres are suited to larger sedans as well as some small 4WDs. There are both luxury and low end cars that can fit them. The price of each tyre ranges depending on the manufacturer and the quality.

Some cars that can use 235 45R18 tyres include the Alfa Romeo Spider, the Ford Mondeo, the Holden Cruze, the Honda Odyssey, the Hyundai Sonata, the Kia Optima, the Mazda 6 and the Nissan Skyline.

The 235 45 R18 isn't the only option that will fit your car. Something wider such as the 245 40 R18 will help to make your car stop in shorter distances. It can also improve the handling, making it a great option for safety-conscious drivers.

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