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Our Story

The Idea

The Auto Hero idea started in May 2014 when a vehicle I owned was defected by the police for bald tyres. I set off to buy new tyres thinking I could be back on the road in a few hours. I was dreaming. The process was time consuming and asking simple questions to retailers where not being answered.

I decided the best way to solve this problem was to search for a comparison website and let it do the shopping for me, but there wasn't one. Two days later I finally located the correct OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) tyres. Hooray! By this time I was pretty upset for wasting so much time, and I started to think more about a solution - Auto Hero was born!

How It Works

Think of us as the Web-Jet of vehicle tyres. Auto Hero finds you the best deal on tyre prices instantly from tyre retailers local to you.

Our network is made up of 100's of retailers nation wide including small independent companies, franchises and larger corporately owned stores who all compete for your business. This way you can find which ever tyres you prefer and get the best deal that suits your needs. We save you time and money. No hassle, no haggle, job done! Get back on the road and enjoy your car again.

My Commitment

As the founder of Auto Hero my promise to you is to remain 100% impartial to the choices you make. Auto Hero does not import or wholesale tyres. We own no warehouses and have no shares or any interest in any tyre companies. My mission is to be a good messenger and speak your language on all things tyres.

Our service is free to use and we hope it helps you. If you're happy, tell a friend, if not please contact us with any feedback you may have.


Matt Banks


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