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How to grow in a post-COVID-19 marketplace.

Trading The New Trend.

How to grow in a post-COVID-19 marketplace.

After speaking with almost 200 dealers in the last 10 weeks here are my findings of the current state of the tyre market.

Word on the street. (2-minute read) 

During the COVID period, each dealer had their own strategy.

  • Some paused advertising thinking the economy would tank.
  • Some retailers did the opposite and expanded and doubled their advertising.
  • Some closed temporarily until the seriousness of COVID-19 was understood.
  • Majority of the dealers continued as business as usual.

Motorists behaviour.

While each state is different the general consensus is that motorists are driving more due to two main reasons.

  • Public transport is hazardous to their health
  • Fuel is cheaper.

The marketplace.

While predicting a future tyre market in a time like this is mostly a guessing game, you can expect that motorists will be spending on maintenance and repairs especially with new car sales down almost 48% since April, this further supports that motorists are more likely to repair cars rather than replace their cars.

Smart retailers “Trade the trend”

It would be wise that dealers adapt to consumers “digital shopping style” and prepare for online as new habits are formed.

This would include:

  • Websites are updated and helpful Need a website? Contact us for a quote.
  • Automate tasks like quoting.
  • Implement a digital marketing strategy
  • Optimization of Google business profiles Article here: 
  • Offer flexible payment options, like Zip & Afterpay Article here: 
  • Advertise on www.autohero.com.au fixed price, no PPC auctions and no commissions on sales.

Auto Hero response to dealers for COVID-19

Speed is paramount, we have made changes to ensure customers are served faster.

  • We introduced fast quotes by SMS to both dealers and customers. Article here:
  • Market opportunity reporting coming soon EOM June 2020 Article here:
  • Mobile friendly quoting for retailers on the go.
  • More online visibility via social channels.

Free things dealers can do today to market their business today

  • Customer service wins hearts and wallets
  • Good product knowledge builds confidence.
  • Fast followup on sales leads gets customers off the market faster.
  • Update google business listings. Article here: 


Overall, tyre retailer and market sentiment remain positive.

  • More people are shopping online where consumer intent is highest.
  • Customers are looking for fast service and multiple payment options.
  • Automate tasks like quoting and follow up to delight and impress your customers with fast service.

“No one is dreaming of tyres on any website, act fast and close the leads”.

Written By

Matt Banks

Matt is the founder of Autohero.com.au and has been hooked on cars and repairs ever since childhood. A veteran in automotive since leaving school, Matt has completed his trade as a panel beater and is across all things with wheels. 

His first car was a 1967 FORD XR Wagon followed by a string of collectable Holden’s.

Have a question for Matt? leave a comment below.




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