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Nail these 5 Talking Points and Sell More Tyres

I surveyed 1000 tyre shoppers to find out what motivates drivers to buy tyres and how they choose which tyre retailer to fit them.

We identified 5 categories that made up 100% of their purchase decision. Here are the results below.

1.  Safety 39%

The importance of tyre safety was very evident and included these 4 categories:

  • Family safety was paramount especially with children passengers.
  • Performance capabilities in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Braking, tyre performance and handling in a emergency.
  • The expertise and experience of the technician responsible for fitting the tyre correctly.

2.  Price 22.9%

Price was an important factor driven by economical situation, cars age, car type and usage.

People who cared about price

Pensioners and students are the most price conscious shoppers.

People who cared less about price

Drivers looking to buy OEM, Prestige car owners and 4×4 enthusiasts. All wanted to correct equipment at a fair price.

Tip: Price was also weighed against the tyre life and people felt more comfortable paying more for a tyre if they thought it would last longer.

3. Service 15.6%

Customers desired a satisfying experience and which also signaled their vehicles were in capable hands.

However, some individuals encountered difficulties when purchasing tyres, as they were not sure what was included in the price other then supply of tyre. ( Fitting, GST, Balancing & Tyre disposal)

In certain instances, some retailers displayed a lack of service by not adequately communicating important details about the recommended tyre to customers, resulting in confusion regarding the value of their purchase.

This could be improved by these 4 categories.

  • Showing images tyres.
  • Manufacturer descriptions.
  • Tyre technical details explained.
  • Access to reviews on tyres.

TIP: Shoppers said they sited Google reviews as a trust factor to see if the store provides a good service. Make sure you are driving Google reviews  and they are current.

4. Availability 11.7%

Speed sells, Most drivers purchase tyres in response to unexpected circumstances, rather than a planned purchase.

Tyres retailers who provide same-day service have a greater likelihood of completing a sale.

In most cases, individuals only buy tyres when they have a damaged tyre, fail a vehicle inspection, or face potential issues caused by worn-out tyres.

TIP: On AutoHero, most sales occur within the initial 24 hours a quote submitted and decline after that, Speed is obvious factor in closing a sale.

5. Tyre Brand 10.8%

The Tyre Brand accounted for only 10.8% this was initially surprising, but further analysis revealed a logical explanation.

The purchasing cycles for new tyres can range from 6 months for heavy commercial users to 5 years for those who drive less than 8,000 kilometres per year.

Additional online research supplied buy Ahrefs.com showed brand recognition was remarkably low for even the top five manufacturers when compared to well-known household brands like Nike, Coles, Woolies, or Bunnings as an example.

This information helped us understand why tyre reviews have been a significant traffic source for Auto Hero. Drivers use reviews as reassurance they are making the right choice for their vehicles and reviews from fellow drivers can guide their purchases.

Fun Fact: The most recognised tyre brands online were Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Toyo, Cooper, and Kumho Tyres. Source again was Ahrefs.com


Based on the survey, it’s no surprise that most customers simply want a quality product, good service at fair prices.

However, it’s also apparent that customers require additional assistance to get them opening their wallets faster.

Here are 5 takeaways for you to consider. 

  1. Recommended tyres you can fit same day.
  2. Explain the safety benefits of braking and handling.
  3. When it comes to price, talk about treadwear and tyre life.
  4. Recommend a tyre brand they are likely to recognise.
  5. Offer clear photos of tyres with manufacturer descriptions and explanation of technical specs.
  6. Clearly explain what you are selling, remember the customer has close to zero experience, helping them helps you.

Add to the conversation & leave your thought below.

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Matt Banks

Matt is the founder of Autohero.com.au and has been hooked on cars and repairs ever since childhood. A veteran in automotive since leaving school, Matt has completed his trade as a panel beater and is across all things with wheels.

His first car was a 1967 FORD XR Wagon followed by a string of collectable Holden’s.

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