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NSW number plate 1 – Sold for $12.4 million AUD

There was some last-minute bidding that set new records for number plate sales in Australia. The NSW plate ‘1’ sold for $11.5 million + Auction Fees.

NSW Number plate 1

The Queensland plate ‘Q1’ also broke records, reaching $5.66 million – the highest amount paid for a two-digit plate in the country. With fees, ‘1’ totaled $12.4 million and ‘Q1’ was $6.08 million.

Queensland Number Plate 1Queensland ‘Q1’ was first owned by hotel magnate James McGuide in 1921. It was passed down until being auctioned in 1985 for $100,000, equal to $350,000 today. It was bought by hairdresser Stefan Ackerie who has owned it since.

The previous record was $2.45 million for NSW ‘4’ from 2017. ‘Q1’ is considered Queensland’s most valuable plate since they all start with a black and white ‘Q’. NSW ‘1’ was first issued in 1910 to the police commissioner and later owned by businessman Sir Frederick Stewart in the 1930s. It’s believed his family held it until now.

Number plate NSW 4


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