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Continental SportContact 7 Tyre Launched

Continental SportContact 7 Tyre Launched


Continental Tyre has recently launched the all-new SportContact 7, its most advanced ultra-high-performance tyre to enter the Australian market.

The company says the tyre has been developed to redefine performance standards and provide ultimate driving confidence, and adds, “the Continental SportContact 7 tyre will elevate the driving experience for Australia enthusiast drivers”

After dominating its competition in third-party tyre tests globally, the highly awarded tyre is the new iteration of the prominent Continental SportContact performance range.

Labeled as being “devastatingly good” with “grip on another level” and “near flawless performance” across tyre tests. the launch is one of the most anticipated in the Australian high-performance tyre segment.

The SportContact 7 has been crowned the winner in eleven high-profile independent tyre tests. Across these evaluations the reviewers have been impressed by the extremely balanced and highly responsive handling, short wet braking distances and outstanding grip during braking and cornering.

Expertly engineered for the most popular high-performance enthusiast vehicles the SportContact 7 offers the ultimate driving pleasure and unparalleled advancements in safety. During development of the next-generation SportContact tyre, Continental focused on improving performance across all criteria.

Dry Braking performance is up by 6% over the previous SportContact model, while wet braking distances have been reduced by 8%. Notably, the SportContact 7 has reset  the category benchmark, with 17% mileage improvement, without compromising on the tyres grip and handling abilities.

continental sportcontact-7

A core feature of the SportContact 7 is the improved rubber compound, which has been precisely adapted to the tread design to support the mileage enhancement.  This soft compound perfectly matches the rigid, low profile tyre design and not only enables maximum grip, but also significantly increases the milage.

Additionally, with the adaptive tread design, the SportContact 7 can react to changes in both dry and wet roads conditions., ensuring precision handling and strong control characteristics-even at high speeds.

“The Continental SportContact 7 is a truly groundbreaking entry to the ultra-high tyre sector, proving again and again to be the leading the category in tyre tests across the board”, says Mitchell Golledge, managing director of Continental Tyres Australia.

“We’re proud to announce the launch of this tyre in Australia – especially after the exceptional performance it has attained across the globe. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see the SportContact 7 arrive”, say Golledge.

A further testament to the SportContact 7 tyre’s performance prowess, is the announcement of the tyre being fitted as original equipment to the highly anticipated Audi RS 6 Avant globally.

A variety of fitments have been selected to suit a wide range of popular enthusiast vehicles, from “hot hatches” to ‘V8 bruisers’.

Published with permission from AUSTRALIAN WORKSHOP MANAGER  www.aaen.com.au

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