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Sell more tyres with our advertising performance reports

Introducing – Advertising performance reports 
What are we up to?
As we speak, we are making advanced reporting to be emailed out to you at the end of each month. The report will show you how much activity Tyre compare has generated for your store and where you can improve to make more sales.
Q. Why are we doing this?
A. So you can sell more tyres. 
As you may know, we track every customer event on Tyre Compare for your store under the “Traffic tab” in your profile. All analytics are updated live as they happen.
We know this information is helpful, However many dealers are not aware of this feature and don’t know how to benefit from this data.
Q. What the reports will include?
  • Measures if managers are responding to quotes and how long it takes them to reply
  • Measures if managers are responding to enquiries and how long it takes them to reply
  • Call tracking to your store and what the product was.
  • All the ads displayed in that month
  • Address requests in that month
  • Where you can improve your ads to get more enquiries for the following month
  • Ability to quickly update store details if they have changed.
Sample report attached
In the image attached, you can see the email reports are intended as a quick summary, but if you click on any part it will take you to a more detailed view of the information you want to see for the month. 
Please let me know your thoughts and if there is anything missing you would like included in these reports? 
All feedback is appreciated, good and bad.
Matt Banks
M:0415 767 767 
Sample report attached

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