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Pink Slip Near Me & E Safety Check

what is a pink slip

A pink slip or e-safety check is a car safety inspection report that is required in New South Wales for all registered vehicles. If your car is more than five years old, then a pink slip inspection will be required for you to renew your registration.

If your car fails the inspection and you are not issued with a pink slip, then you will need to have any necessary repairs carried out. Ideally, you should have any work done within two weeks of the inspection, as you can get it reinspected for free during this timeframe. Bear in mind that pink slips are valid for six months after the issue date, so it’s a good idea to combine having the inspection done at around the same time that your car is due for registration.

How Much Does a Pink Slip Cost?

The cost will depend on your vehicle, but it is fixed. In NSW, you can expect to pay $42 for a light vehicle and $23 for a motorcycle. A pink slip is simply a letter from your mechanic that states the car is in good working order and is roadworthy. If your car is over five years old, then you will need to present this letter to register your car. To issue the pink slip, the mechanic will inspect the car. After the inspection, they will either issue a pink slip or a checklist of essential repairs that need to be made to the car in order for it to pass.

While having these repairs carried out is not a legal requirement after it has been inspected, bear in mind that if you do not have the pink slip, you won’t be able to register your car. Driving a car that is unregistered or unroadworthy is illegal, so it’s always best to have them carried out to make sure that you’re not only on the right side of the law but also safe when driving.

How Long Does a Pink Slip Last?

A pink slip for a light vehicle such as a standard car will be valid for six months, with the exception of public passenger vehicles. You will need to use the pink slip report to renew your registration within six months of having the inspection carried out. If you do not register your car within that time, you will be required to pay for another pink slip inspection and the vehicle must pass again. Typically, you will be required to have a pink slip inspection carried out on your car annually, depending on your registration length. Check your registration papers, as these will state if an inspection is necessary.

Other Pink Slip Costs

If your car passes the inspection and is issued with a pink slip, then you will only usually pay the standard charge for the inspection, which is $42 for light vehicles in NSW. However, if your car fails the inspection and a pink slip is not issued, then you could end up paying much more when you cover the cost of repairs, so be sure to budget for this. Despite the fact that you are not legally required to get these repairs carried out, you are legally required to register your car, which is not possible to do if your vehicle has failed the pink slip inspection.

How Long Does a Pink Slip Inspection Take?

How long you can expect the inspection to take will depend on the make and model of your car, the size of your car, and any issues with it. The more problems the mechanic finds, the longer the inspection is likely to take, as they will need to note these down as they go. In general, however, the assessment will usually take around half an hour. Repairs, if necessary, may take much longer depending on the type and severity of any issues that are found.

How to Improve Your Chances of Passing a Pink Slip?

If your car is due for a pink slip inspection, then there are several things that you can do to increase your chance of passing the inspection and being issued with a pink slip. Often, inspections fail because of common issues that are not difficult to check or repair beforehand. You may want to give your car a once-over before booking your inspection and book some simple repairs in advance if needed to increase your chance of passing the pink slip.

What do Mechanics look at during a Pink Slip inspection ?

1. Tyres

The tyres are a crucial part of the car when it comes to providing control and grip on the road. If they are worn, cracked, or have a tread depth that is less than 1.6mm, then your car is likely to fail the pink slip test based on the condition of the tyres.

2. Steering

During the inspection, the mechanic will check the steering to ensure that everything is working correctly. Issues like pulling to the side, unstable steering or the wheel not being straight when you straighten up after turning should be looked at as these are likely to cause an inspection failure.

3. Lights

One of the main reasons why cars fail the e-Safety inspection is due to issues with the lights. Check your lights before going in for the test to make sure that all your headlights, parking lights, fog lights, tail lights, brake lights, and indicator lights are working correctly and well-illuminated. Repair any issues with the lights such as cracks or loose fittings.

4. Windscreen

Another very common reason why cars fail the pink slip inspection is a windscreen with chips or cracks. Before taking your car to the mechanic, it’s a good idea to give your windscreen a quick once over to check for any signs of damage. The good news is that most of the time, these issues can be repaired without the need to replace the whole screen. To pass the test, your windscreen should be one hundred percent free from any chips, cracks, or scratches.

5. Seats and Seatbelts

The seats, seatbelts, and airbags in your car are some of the most important safety components when it comes to protecting you and your passengers, so they will be checked to ensure that they are in good condition and working well. To pass, seats, seatbelts, and airbags should be free from any damage including cuts and frays.

6. Dashboard Warning Lights

Most drivers know that some dashboard warning lights are more important than others so it can be easy to go a bit too long ignoring one that isn’t a sign of a serious problem. However, if any dashboard warning lights are illuminated when you take your car for the pink slip inspection, it will fail.

7. Engine Oil Leaks

Leaks of engine or transmission oil are one of the leading reasons why cars fail their pink slip inspections. Leaks are not only a safety concern, but they can also cause serious damage to your car, so it’s worth getting them checked and repaired as soon as possible before taking your car in to be inspected.

8. Battery

If there are any faults or issues with the car battery, this could cause the vehicle to fail the pink slip test. Batteries must be clean and there should not be any faults or issues with the battery life for the car to pass.

9. Brakes

To pass the test, your braking mechanism should be functioning at the right capacity. If you have not had your brakes professionally checked for some time, this is something that might be worth doing before the pink slip inspection. Any issues like worn brake pads or discs will contribute to a potential failure.

10. Wiper Blades

Even if it’s not been raining a lot recently, it is worth checking your wiper blades before you take your car to be inspected. You may already be aware that your wiper blades should be working correctly in any weather and not just when it is wet. Wiper blades that do not work correctly can seriously impede your vision and make it impossible for you to clean a dirty windscreen when driving.

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11. Horn

If your car’s horn is not working correctly, then it will fail the inspection. Check the horn before booking your car in for the test to make sure that it is loud and clear. Without the horn, you might be putting yourself in danger since this component is intended for situations where you might need to alert other drivers to your presence before they hit you.

13. Modifications

If you are going to make any modifications to your car, it is important to ensure that you have permission from DOT to make them beforehand. If you have made modifications to your car without permission, then this might lead to a pink slip test failure depending on the type of modification you have made.

Pink slip tests are essential to ensure that your car is safe and in good working order. In most cases, you will need to pass this test to register your car and drive legally.

Pink Slip Near Me

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Written By Matt Banks

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