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Brake Pad Replacement – How Much Does It Cost?

Brake Pad Replacement - How Much Does It Cost?

Brake Pad Replacement – How Much Does It Cost?

As different vehicles and braking systems will require various parts, there is no set price for replacing brake pads. However, as a general estimate, you should budget $150 to $350 for front brake pads for disc brakes, which are the standard brakes on most automobiles and SUVs.

Obviously, this cost is reduced if you just need front or rear brake pads. However, it’s worth noting that some pads for performance cars can be significantly more costly. The kind of ceramic brake pads installed on some high-end sports cars can be significantly more – but you’ll usually be aware if your vehicle is fitted with this style of brake.

How to tell if you need new brake pads?

Many modern cars have a brake warning light that will illuminate on your dashboard if your braking system needs any attention.

However, this doesn’t always happen – and some older vehicles don’t have these kinds of sensors. Because of this, it’s useful to know the kind of symptoms you might experience if you need brake pad replacements.

Warn Brake Pad Symptoms include:

  • Hearing a metal-on-metal squealing sound  when braking.
  • Shaking through the steering wheel when brake pedal.
  • Ridges or scores in the brake rotor.
  • Reduced efficiency while applying the brakes.
  • Visual examination reveals less than 5mm (half a centimetre) of the remaining pad.
  • An indicator light is present on the instrument panel of your car

The brake system in your car really must have effective brake pads. In fact, the remainder of the system is essentially useless without properly functioning pads.

In addition to endangering your safety and the safety of other road users, worn brake pads can harm other components of your car. Therefore, it makes sense to be aware of their effectiveness and to keep track of replacements as needed.

Need a quote to get brake pads replaced?

The best way to get an accurate brake pads replacement cost estimate is to ask for quotes from trustworthy workshops near you.

Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean lots of phone calls or workshop visits, at Auto Hero, we make it quick and easy. Just give us a few details about you, your location and your vehicle – then we’ll do the rest.

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  1. Thank you for explaining that you will need new brake pads if you’re hearing metal-on-metal when braking. My cousin and I were talking while she was driving home from work, and I heard her brakes on the call. I’ll be sure to share this with her so that she can get that fixed soon.

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