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275 65R17 Tyres

These tyres have a section width of 275mm and an aspect ratio of 65%. This means that the height of the tyre is 65% of its width. 275 65 R17 tyres are made with radial ply construction and they fit rims that have diameters of 15 inches. The last part of a tyre's code signifies its maximum load capacity and its top speed. A 275 65R17 111H can carry 1090kg per tyre at speeds of up to 210km/h.

275 65R17 tyres can fit a variety of different larger vehicles. These include both four wheel drives and utes. The price of these tyres will vary depending on the manufacturer and the quality. There are affordable options, as well as high performance tyres that can be more expensive.

Some of the cars that can use 275 65 R17 tyres include the Lexus LX, the Toyota Land Cruiser, the Nissan Patrol and the Volkswagen Touareg.

Other tyre sizes may also be suitable for your vehicle. Something such as the 265 60R17 will be thinner, giving you slightly better mileage and a smoother ride. This can help you to save money and reduce the noise from your tyres, giving you a more peaceful ride.

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