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What Does a Mobile Mechanic Do (And How Can You Find a Good One?)

What Does a Mobile Mechanic Do? Today, more and more mechanics are offering to come to your home or workplace to service your car, carry out mechanical repairs, or diagnose and fix car problems.

The question is – does a mobile mechanic offer the same level of service you can expect from a traditional garage or service centre?

Since we work with several mobile mechanics across Australia, we’re well placed to give you all the information on what kind of mechanic service and customer service you can get when car repairs are brought to you.

What is a mobile mechanic service?

Well, the clue’s in the name really. A mobile mechanic is a vehicle mechanic that comes to you – usually in a van or a truck carrying virtually all the same tools and equipment you’d expect to find in a garage.

Mobile mechanics can carry out a massive range of car maintenance tasks – from services, warranty work, inspections, mechanical fault finding, diagnostic work, and general health checks. They generally also have direct links to parts suppliers too – so they can get official parts just as quickly as a traditional garage or workshop.

Can a car service be effectively carried out without premises?

You’re definitely not alone if you’re wondering how effective a mobile car mechanic might be – after all, we’ve all see the huge lifts and heavy-duty equipment that’s in a garage – right?

Well, in reality, most good mobile mechanics can carry out virtually everything you’d expect a garage to carry out. The things is, they don’t generally need the same kind of storage space with them on a day-to-day basis, as they can keep parts in a central location – then bring what they need to your location.

Booking is done in advance – so when the day comes, the mobile mechanic will load everything that’s needed into the van, then bring it to you ready for your inspection, logbook service or repair. 

Where can mobile mechanics work?

As long as you’ve got a safe, flat space around your vehicle, there’s a good chance a mobile mechanic will be able to carry out exactly the same kind of car services as you’d get at a garage. 

Now, working at a busy roadside might not be practical – but that’s more for safety reasons than anything else. If you’ve broken down and you need a mechanic, a mobile technician will generally operate as roadside assistance – doing a quick fix to get you moving somewhere safer, or recovering your vehicle.

Can a mobile mechanic carry out a logbook service?

Generally, yes – a good mobile technician can carry out all kinds of car servicing at your location – even a logbook service. 

The best part is, a mobile car service is likely to be significantly cheaper than the same car service at an Offical service centre, so if you’d like to keep your bank balance looking healthy, mobile mechanics are a great way to keep your vehicle manufacturer car warranty in place.

How can I track down good mobile car servicing or repairs?

Well, it’s simple really – let us do it for you. And when you do, we’ll do our best to make sure you save some money too.

When you book mechanical work or repairs using Auto Hero, you’ll be shown mobile mechanic services in your area. Each of the mobile technicians we work with follows the same strict set of rules that our other partner garage members do – so our customers can be confident that they’re getting the very best car care without having to drive to a workshop.

Got any questions? Keen to arrange a quote? Want to book a pre-purchase inspection or safety check for a vehicle? All we need is a few contact details from you – and you’ll be free to choose from a range of mobile mechanics and vehicle experts nearby!

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Matt Banks

Matt is the founder of Autohero.com.au and has been hooked on cars and repairs ever since childhood. A veteran in automotive since leaving school, Matt has completed his trade as a panel beater and is across all things with wheels. 

His first car was a 1967 FORD XR Wagon followed by a string of collectable Holden’s.

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3 thoughts on “What Does a Mobile Mechanic Do (And How Can You Find a Good One?)

  1. My favorite part of this article is the importance of having a logbook service for safety reasons of your car. My friend mentioned to me last night that he is hoping to find a reliable logbook servicing for his car that has parts failures, and he asked if I have any idea what is the best option to do. Thanks to this informative article, I’ll be sure to tell him that he can consult a well-known logbook service in town as they can help provide proper information about the service.

  2. Great article Matt,

    Especially the part about mobile mechanics helping save money. When we quote customers on using our mobile service vs coming into the garage, they are always surprised at the price difference.

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