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What is a Highway Tyre H/T?

What is a Highway Tyre H/T?

Quick Answer: Highway Tyres are designed for 90% on-road and 10% off-road usage.

A Highway Terrain (H/T) tyre is a type of tyre designed to strike a balance between on-road performance and some light off-road capability. Here’s a breakdown of their key characteristics:


  • On-Road Focus: H/T tyres prioritize smooth and comfortable driving on paved roads. They offer good handling, stability, and braking performance for everyday commutes and highway journeys.
  • Quiet Ride: The tread pattern of H/T tyres is optimized for minimal noise generation, ensuring a peaceful driving experience.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The design of H/T tyres minimizes rolling resistance, which can contribute to improved fuel economy compared to all-terrain and mud tyres.
  • Durability: H/T tyres are built to last, offering good tread wear on paved surfaces.
  • Mild Off-Road Capability: While not ideal for extreme off-roading, H/T tyres can handle light off-road conditions like dirt roads or gravel paths.

Who are H/T Tyres For?

H/T tyres are ideal for drivers who primarily use their vehicles on-road but might occasionally venture onto light off-road terrain.

Here are some examples:

  • Drivers who spend most of their time commuting or running errands in the city.
  • Drivers who take occasional weekend trips on well-maintained dirt roads.
  • Owners of SUVs or crossovers who prioritize on-road comfort and fuel efficiency but want some flexibility for light off-road adventures.

Things to Consider:

  • Not for Serious Off-Roading: H/T tyres lack the aggressive tread patterns and deep grooves needed for tackling challenging off-road terrain.
  • Balance for Your Needs: If you frequently encounter off-road conditions, consider all-terrain tyres that offer a better compromise between on-road and off-road capabilities.

What is a Highway Tyre H/T?

What are the Best Highway Terrain (HT) tyres in Australia right now?

We asked Aussie drivers to vote on what they thought are the best Highway Tyres in Australia

Rating and reviews are based on what matters most across these six categories.

  1. Tyre road noise.
  2. Tyre braking performance.
  3. Tyre wet and dry handling.
  4. Tyre tread life.
  5. Value for money.
  6. Would they buy again

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Summary: Overall, Highway Terrain tyres are a versatile option for drivers who value a smooth and comfortable on-road driving experience with a touch of off-road capability for occasional adventures.

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