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225 45R19 Tyres

These tyres can fit many different vehicles. 225 45R19 tyres have a section width of 225mm, while the 45 indicates that they have a height that is 45% of the width. They are designed with radial ply construction, fitting wheel rims that are 19 inches in diameter. Tyres have one final element to their code, which tells you the load capacity of each one, as well as the top speed that they can safely reach. A 225 45R19 92W can carry 630km for each tyre, at speeds of up to 270km/h.

225 45 R19 tyres suit a variety of makes and models, mainly larger sedans, hatchbacks and wagons. There are certain models of luxury vehicle, as well as standard options that can use these tyres. The price will depend on the brand as well as the quality you are looking for.

Some models that can use 225 45R19 tyres include the BMW 3 Series, the Ford Taurus, the Honda CR-V, the Jaguar XJ, the Mazda6 and the Nissan Skyline.

Sometimes a different size will be more suitable for your driving style. If you prefer to drive on wider tyres, perhaps 235 40R19 tyres will be better. These tyres will give you a shorter braking distance and better handling.

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