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225 55R18 Tyres

Some common models that can use 225 55 R18 tyres include the Ford Taurus, the Honda Element, the Hyundai ix35, the Mitsubishi Delica, the Mitsubishi Outlander, the Nissan Dualis, the Nissan X-Trail and the Subaru Outback.

225 55R18 tyres prices will vary depending on the brand you choose. Some high quality manufacturers will offer much more expensive tyres than others. Many tyres, 225 55R18 included, can suit many different kinds of vehicles. The 225 55R18 can be found on small 4WDs, sedans, hatchbacks and wagons.

The 225 55R18 is a tyre with a width of 225mm and an aspect ratio of 55%. This means that the height of the tyre is 55% of its width. The R in the code indicates that it is made with radial ply construction, while the 18 means that it suits a wheel rim that is 18 inches in diameter. Tyres have one final element to their code, which tells you the maximum load capacity of each tyre, as well as the top speed that they can safely travel at. A 225 55R18 98H is rated at 750kg for each tyre and a top speed of 210km/h.

You may want to consider other tyres instead of the 225 55 R18. One option could be the 215 55 R18. These narrower tyres will be better for wet weather conditions.

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