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215 50 R17 Tyres

215 50 R17 tyres can suit many different cars. They have a section width of 215mm and a 50% aspect ratio. This is the tyre"s height in comparison to its width. The R symbolises that the tyre is made with radial ply construction, while the number that follows it is the wheel rim"s diameter. In this case, it is 17 inches. The last aspect of a tyre"s code indicates the maximum load capacity as well as the top speed that it can safely reach. A 215 50R17 95W can carry 690kg for each tyre, reaching speeds of up to 270km/h.

These tyres can fit a range of different vehicles. 215 50 R17 tyres can fit sedans, hatchbacks, vans and more. There are both economical and higher end vehicles that can use them. The price of 215 50 R17 tyres will vary by manufacturer and the quality.

Some vehicles that can use the 215 50 17 include the Audi A6, the Daewoo Tosca, the Daihatsu Luxio, the Ford Transit, the Holden Cruze, the Lexus LS, the Mazda Millenia, the Mitsubishi Lancer and the Nissan Leaf.

There may be other tyres that are more suitable for your vehicle and circumstances. If you would prefer a wider tyre, something such as the 225 45 R17 may be a good option. This will give you a shorter braking distance and better handling.

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