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285 75R16 Tyres

These truck tyres have a width of 285mm and an aspect ratio of 75%. The aspect ratio is a tyre's height in comparison to its width. The R in a 285 75R16 tyre's code tells you that it features radial ply construction, while the following number lets you know the rim size that it fits. In this case, it is 16 inches.

At the end of a tyre's code is a series of numbers and a letter. These let you know the tyre's maximum load capacity, as well as the top speed that it can travel at safely. For example, a 285 75 R16 117T will be able to carry 1285kg for each tyre, at speeds of up to 190km/h.

285 75 R16 tyres are suitable for a range of different trucks. These tyres are constructed with strength in mind, so that they are able to carry the additional loads that trucks demand. There are many different makes and models that can use them.

You may find that 285 75R16 tyres aren't ideal for your individual driving style. Some truck drivers may prefer a slightly wider tyre that gives them a shorter braking distance and improved handling. Others may like to use something narrower, for a smoother ride with better mileage.

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