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275 70R16 Tyres

275 70R16 tyres can suit a range of vehicles. They have a width of 275mm and an aspect ratio of 70%. The aspect ratio tells you that the height of these tyres is 70% of their width. The R lets you know that they have radial ply construction, while the 16 in the code signifies that they fit wheel rims that have 16 inch diameters.

Tyres have one last part at the end of their code. This variation of numbers and a letter tells you both the maximum load capacity and the top speed that they can reach safely. As an example, 275 70 R16 119S tyres can carry 1360kg each, at speeds of up to 180km/h.

These tyres are generally used for larger vehicles such as 4WDs. Some models that can use 275 70 R16 tyres include the Lexus LX, the Patrol Safari and the Toyota Landcruiser. Before you buy any tyres, make sure that you double check the correct size for your vehicle. This is because there can be slight differences in size depending on the year in which a vehicle was made.

Some drivers may have different needs, meaning that other sizes can be more suitable than 275 70R16 tyres. A narrower tyre such as the 265 75R16 will give you better fuel economy as well as a smoother and quieter ride.

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