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Smart ass Feature, is now live.

Automatic Tyre Quote Retargeting.

Matt, WTF is Automatic Quote Retargeting?

Glad you asked Sir,

Automatic Quote Retargeting occurs when a customer does not open or reply to your quote within 24hours.

Why do we need this?

You know, there is nothing worse than taking the time to quote a customer and then you don’t hear back from them.

We found that sometimes customers only need a gentle nudge to remind them you’re trying to win their business, Customers respect this, as they need a little help to get things done too.

Additionally, this automatic follow-up is saving you the labour of chasing up your customer.

How much is this feature?

Zero, nada zilch, zip… It’s free!

What do I need to do?

Nothing, this feature is now live running behind the scenes for both your Sales Leads and on Tyre Quote Pro.

Any questions? 

Hit me up 24/7 by phone or email


Matt Banks

Chief Cheddar Maker


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  • Spank your competitor’s ass at proposal time!
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