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How Can I find a Trustworthy Mechanic Near Me?

How Can I find a Trustworthy Mechanic Near Me?

Here’s an interesting question for you:

Do you trust Google or Facebook with your life?

We might have to reconsider when they take over the world in a few years – but for now, it’s safe to assume the answer’s probably not.

The thing is, it’s exactly what we’re doing when we type in “good car mechanic near me” into our devices – millions of us just pick a suggested local garage, give them a call, and take our chances. It’s all very quick and convenient until your brakes fail on the highway or your engine head gasket gives up as you drive to work.

It might sound dramatic – but we trust our cars with our lives every time we get in them – so, it makes sense to find a trustworthy local mechanic you know will help you take care of your vehicle. The best mechanics might be the one that’s the top result on Google – but, then again, you might get a quality service from a mechanic shop that has no website or social media presence at all.

So, what should you look for from a car mechanic?

Here at Auto Hero, we work with thousands of garages across Australia – and our years of experience in the automotive world means we can make sure every single one of them meets the high standards we want for the people who use our website.

Take a look at our 5 tips that’ll help you track down the best and most trustworthy mechanics in your area:

1. Get recommendations

When it comes to vehicle mechanics, a good, trustworthy recommendation is hard to beat.

Now, we’re not talking about someone suggesting a car service center just because a distant cousin or someone their sister knows works there – we’re talking about the kind of “they worked on my car – they were excellent” kind of recommendation.

This is where it’s sometimes useful to check out owners clubs and forums online too. Virtually every vehicle manufacturer and the car in the world has a following – and fellow owners will often be able to point you in the right direction if you ask.

2. Are they easy to get in touch with?

If it’s going to take five attempts to call and talk to mechanics about booking a vehicle service, then chances are you’re going to have a headache when it comes to getting in touch with them after your car repair.

Not every car garage has a receptionist to answer the phone or reply to every email immediately – but if you struggle to talk to anyone to book service or repair work, you might want to move on to a motor mechanic that’s easier to talk to.

3. Are they willing to explain what car repairs are required?

You shouldn’t have to be a fully qualified auto mechanic to understand what garage staff are talking about.

Sure, most of us know what wheel alignment, air conditioning, or exhaust emissions are – but the average driver can’t be expected to know the ins and outs of a limited-slip differential or how valve-timing works.

Clear and simple explanations from mechanics are the name of the game when it comes to good customer service. If a mechanic or auto service center sounds like they’re trying to confuse you, it might be an indication that they’re trying to take advantage and bump up the bill for repairs.

4. Will they provide free quotes?

Chances are, the service or repair your car needs is going to be something the mechanic’s seen ten times already this week – so they will almost certainly be able to give you an accurate quote quickly.

Even if there’s a bit of a mystery problem, most garages or mechanics will be able to diagnose the issue and give you an idea of what’s needed without too much exploration work.

It’s pretty standard for a garage to provide a free quote, so you can budget for how much your logbook service or auto repair is going to cost. If you request a free quote and they’re not willing to – or they expect you to start paying before anyone knows what’s wrong, you might want to look elsewhere.

5. Can they give you a sensible timescale?

A good mechanic will almost certainly have a diary system that means they can give customers an idea of how quickly they can begin work on their car.

If anyone suggests they’ll “try to take a look at it this week” or they’ll “get round to it” when they’ve got a few other jobs out of the way – then it’s a good idea to check out some other service centers. Even if they do a great job, having your car off the road for an untold amount of time can be a serious headache.

Look for a workshop or garage that’ll give you solid timescales so you know when you’ll be back on the road.

Should you use a mobile mechanic service?

Today, more and more mechanics are offering mobile car servicing and mechanical repairs – and many of our partners offer this as a service.

While there are some workshop-specific mechanics tools (like lifts and access pits) that can’t go in the back of a van, there’s absolutely nothing stopping a mobile mechanic from doing an outstanding job while your car’s sitting on your drive at home or in your work car park.

With Covid-19 still very much a part of life – opting for a mobile mechanic helps you avoid taking your car into a workshop too. With good hygiene practices, mobile car services and repairs can be a great way to protect everyone’s well-being – keeping everything safe and socially distanced.

Finding good garages and mobile mechanics

So, finding a trustworthy mechanic or mobile mechanic near you might need a little work from you – but if you’re willing to make a couple of calls before you have your car serviced or repaired – or at least check a few independent mechanic reviews, it’ll almost certainly be worth your time.

Of course, you could just let us do the legwork for you.

Whether you’re hoping to compare tyre prices, book a logbook service for your new car, or just track down a trustworthy car maintenance workshop if you’ve moved suburbs – we can help.

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