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Can Cars Make You Look More Attractive?

Can Cars Make You Look More Attractive?

New research from Auto Trader in the UK reveals that 1 in 10 Brits think a car can make a person more attractive.

Millennials are the driving force behind this, as the figure rises to 20% of the age category likely to be impressed by a partner’s wheels.

The research also revealed that 1 in 5 admit giving their car a pet name, second only to their significant other. 

1 in 10 people see their car as an extension of their family and 11% would go as far to say that they’re in love with their car. In fact,nearly a quarter (22%) of the dating app generation (millennials) reveal their relationship with their car out lasts any romantic relationship they’ve had.

Auto Trader found that people are so invested in their relationship with their car, that 1 in 5 (20%) attribute personality traits that they’d like in a partner such as reliable, retro and stable to their four wheels! And just as people in the early stages of Romantic relationships may fall foul to “the of the car too”, the research revealed that bad smell (48%), untidy interior (41%), lack of space (38%), color (28%) and lack of interior luxuries (27%) are the biggest red flags when taking the leap to buy a new car.

When committing to a new car, Brits also have their eye on sustainability with a whopping 40% saying that they want to buy an alternative fuel vehicle such as an electric or hybrid as their next car. 

Choosing to go electric is one of the top reasons for people are buying a new car in 2023 alongside, eco credentials (10%) and other practical car elements, like boot space (10%) or passenger space (10%) when finding the right car.

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