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6 Things You Should Always Keep In Your Car


Nobody likes to imagine the worst thing that could happen to them on the road. But when they do come, we all want to be ready. Packing loads of stuff in your car (like you could live there for a week) for emergency purposes, however, isn’t smart as it can affect your fuel efficiency. Thus, it is vital to be selective on the things you want to bring along.

So which items should you have on standby?

Here’s a list of the 6 things you must always have in your car, because we’ll never know when an emergency could strike.

1. Fully charged mobile phone

Before you get inside your car and set off to a long drive, make sure your phone is fully charged. The last thing you want to experience is get stuck on the road and not be able to contact anyone who can assist you because of a dead mobile phone.

2. First aid kit

first aid kit

Should you find yourself in an accident or pass by injured motorists, a first aid kit can mean the difference between maximum health and safety, and death. Be sure to stock your kit with plasters and sterile gauze dressings, bandages, cleansing wipes, distilled water for cleaning wounds, band-aids, aspirin, and painkillers.

3. Spare tyre

spare tyre

Nowadays, a spare is only necessary if your car isn’t fitted with run flat tyres. Most drivers no longer have the need to carry a spare tyre with them in the car, but being ready and equipped is for all time a wonderful idea since a puncture can strike at any time. Of course, don’t forget your car jack, screwdriver, gloves, and other tools needed to change a flat tyre.

4. Jump leads

A flat battery is a common problem most especially during winter. To avoid getting stranded and all the hassles of having a dead battery, it pays to bring jump leads. They don’t weigh too much and won’t take up space. They are the one of the things that you will rarely use, but when the need arises it is all worth having.

5. Windscreen wash

Visibility on the road is a vital aspect to stay out of harm’s way. The capability to see through the windscreen clearly is very important. While windscreen washes are available at most service stations, it is better to assume that it will be a lengthy drive to the station when you run out in the middle of the motorway. Having at least a small amount of spare windscreen wash in your car should do just in case you’ll need it.

6. Blanket

blanket in car

There’s a lot more a blanket could do than just keep you warm in case you make a decision to sleep in the car or when a blizzard strikes. Blankets are also helpful if you have to transport large bulky items as you can cushion the corners or cover your seats to prevent damaging your car.

These items could save the day when the unexpected occurs. By being prepared, you can easily manage any roadside situation that befalls you.

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