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Why do Tyre Shops Copy each others Marketing?


“The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger


In advertising, if you’re not different, you’re dead in the water and wherever else you’re trying to get noticed.

Being the same as everyone else in your market makes you about as relevant as Myspace and Blockbuster videos.

Why is it so many business owners struggle to differentiate themselves and stand out from the competition?

That’s a great question.

And here’s a great answer: people are copycats.

Why do we humans copy each other?

You know, that “safety in numbers” thing they love to talk about?

Look, that may well be true, but let’s get REAL for a moment:

Why do business owners copy other businesses?

The real reason why business owners copy other businesses in their industry is that they lack the confidence to go it alone.

They don’t back themselves and play it so safe it’s dangerous to their profit.

They’re more timid than a hotel clerk serving Russell Crowe when it comes to trying new marketing.

They see their quirks, foibles, and oddities as a weakness instead of a point of difference that can be exploited for profit.

Consider this: Arnold Schwarzenegger was told again and again by movie producers that he would never make it as a leading actor because he was too big (literally), could barely speak English, and his name was too long.

But you can’t stop a man who has vision, determination, and who backs himself.

And, as we all know now, Arnie’s seeming “weaknesses” became his greatest strengths.

And that my friend, is half the battle.

Listen, if you don’t stand out in your industry, you’ll always struggle for attention. Thus, you won’t get mentioned. You’ll probably end up on the pension and that will cause you hypertension.

In marketing, not being different brings indifference.

And if your customers feel indifferent towards you, well, it’s like trying to have a conversation with a coma patient – there will be little to no response on your marketing and customers will shop with the business who has the biggest personality.

In the Tyre Industry, people either hate me or love me.

Some people think I am ruining the tyre industry, while others exploit our service and make lots of money.

Selling with confidence makes ALL the difference.

It’s the difference between Walmart and a lemonade stand.

Very truly I say unto you, those who grab the brass ring in life are those who are bold as brass.

Hey, Matt, my marketing seems very unresponsive, what do you recommend?

Well, in the words of Arnie, stop being a big girlie man!… and start marketing like the man or woman you are.


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