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How SMS messages are selling tyres in 2020

Tyre Compare have enabled SMS quote delivery effective Tuesday the 5th of May for free for all Tyre Compare Members.

How will this help me?

We know customer are shopping on Autohero.com.au for convenience and want to be served FAST.

SMS delivers your quote instantly right to our mobile-friendly website so your store is in the customer’s fingertips ASAP. Wit click to calling also enabled the call you in one touch and be on the phone to you.

SMS Open rates Vs email

Open rates on text messages are extremely high — about 98%, which is among the highest open rate for marketing/promotional materials, according to the Mobile Marketing Association. This rate is three times more than email (with an average open rate of less than 25%).


SMS Open rates are approx 98% of messages compared to email which is at 25% ( Industry dependent) 



Is quoting a waste of time in the current business climate? Article coming soon.

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