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5 Ways You Lose Money on Google

If you’re Google Ads seem too expensive, here’s why.

Digital marketing can be a  dirty and tricky business. Your enemies are faceless, but you probably know who they are.

Only 2% of your Google traffic will actually click convert into a customer in a perfect world so if you paying $10 per lead, you want to be more than sure you are going to close the sale.

So who are they?

Usually, The digital agencies you hired or other local tyre competitors have schemes that decimate your online advertising budgets.

Through the use of tactics you most likely have never heard of before, such as:

1. Click Premiums.

2. Click Fraud.

3. Poor keywords.

4. Malicious Clicking. 

5. Commercially Suicidal Competition.


However, as long as you know about these tactics, you can beef up your digital advertising armoury and play a counterattack.

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