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Here, you can peruse reviews from other drivers who have used Yokohama tyres and gain valuable insights into their performance in crucial areas such as wear, noise reduction, handling, wet and dry braking, and traction for SUVs, 4x4s, and passenger cars. 


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About Yokohama Tyres


Yokohama makes some of the very best tyres in the world - and whether you're looking at their lower-price tyres (like the excellent Advan Neova or Sport V105) or their high-performance sports tyres; you can be confident that you're getting car tyres that deliver outstanding safety, unbeatable performance, improved fuel efficiency, and incredible value for money. Tyres made by Yokohama also have some impressive environmental credentials too.


The Yokohama brand is over 100 years old - and it's renowned for developing and manufacturing high-quality, environmentally-friendly tyres that are extremely durable and never cut corners on safety. 


Are Tyres By Yokohama Worth It?


As a premium tyre manufacturer, tyres from Yokohama might appear slightly to cost a few dollars more than budget alternatives - but their outstanding fuel efficiency figures often mean they actually represent better value for money in the medium-to-long-term - whether you're looking at passenger car tyres, high-performance sports car tyres, or even truck tyres.


How Much Do Tyres Made By Yokohama Cost?


Tyres produced by Yokohama are extremely good value for money. Pricing can start as low as $49 depending on the tyre size required for your vehicle model - and a few other measurements; like aspect ratio, speed rating, load index, rim diameter (wheel size), and width.


Do Tyres Made By Yokohama Last A Long Time?


In terms of durability, it's difficult to beat tyres produced by Yokohama. The company's patented 'Macromolecule' composite is shown to offer far greater durability than many competitors - so you'll generally find that you replace tyres that have been developed by Yokohama less frequently than lower-cost alternatives. This is even true with lower-cost tyres like the Advan Sport V105 and the company's lower-cost commercial tyres.


Of course, it's not just durability that you get when you buy Yokohamas - you also get improved fuel economy too. Yokohamas are manufactured using a unique mixing process that ensures a more even distribution of the molecules that create the tyre and the tread pattern. As a result, heat build-up in the tyre is distributed evenly across the full tread, helping to make sure rolling resistance is minimal - while never compromising on grip, evein in winter conditions.


Yokohama - Customer Reviews


As Australia's most trusted and most reviewed tyre website, we're in a good position to tell you exactly what drivers think of their Yokohamas. Across over 220 reviews, drivers rate Yokohama passenger and commercial tyres as being good value and extremely safe high-quality choices.


Whether you're looking for a high performance tyres - or a cost-effective replacement tyres for your day-to-day driving; if safe, dependable, and great value are important features, you should definitely compare prices of Yokohama brand tyres at retailers near you.


Yokohama currently has a 4.7 stars overall rating (based on 224 reviews of passenger and commercial tyres). Based on our research, 81% of reviewers would buy these again. Popular reviewed tyres include the Yokohama TC range, the Yokohama T G015, the Yokohama HT G055, and the Yokohama Advan Sport V105.


Yokohama And The Environment


Yokohama is a great choice if you want to minimise your impact on the environment. The brand are constantly working on technologies and innovations that make tyres from Yokohama kinder to the natural world - include its use of oil extracted from renewable orange peel. Use of this 'Orange Oil' technology doesn't just reduce the firm's dependence on fossil fuels - it also helps to create tyres that provide enhanced fuel economy when they hit the road too.


Yokohama: Original Equipment Manufacturer


Yokohamas can be found on a variety of manufacturer's vehicles as they leave the production line. This is because Yokohama provide 'OEM' tyres for many of the world's largest vehicle brands; including Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Ford, Kia, Nissan, Volkswagen, Honda, Holden, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Suzuki and Audi. OEM - or 'Original Equipment Manufacturer' tyres are produced specifically for the needs of that vehicle. Since Yokohama is trusted by some of the world's biggest brands, you can be confident they're going to keep you and your family safe.


The Yokohama Range


Where Can I Buy Tyres Produced By Yokohama?


Yokohama tyres are available all over Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide and Hobart - but if you're looking for the best price for a Kumho tyre, you'll find it here on AutoHero.com.au!


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