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Kumho Tyres

Kumho tyres might not be a household name like some longer-established brands - but that doesn't mean they don't make exceptional tyres that are optimised for outstanding fuel economy, road-going safety, and passenger comfort.


In fact, the South Korean Kumho tyres brand is emerging as one of the world's leading manufacturers - balancing amazing performance with extremely competitive pricing. If you're looking for great tyres at a great price - Kumho tyres are an excellent choice.


How Much Do Kumho Tyres Cost?

Across the Kumho tyres range, passenger vehicle and light truck prices can start as low as $49 depending on the tyre size.


Are Kumho Tyres Good Value And High Quality?

Quite simply - yes. Kumho tyres represent outstanding quality and price - which is making them a firm favourite with motorists here in Australia. It's not uncommon for Kumho tyres to endure between 65,000-125,000 kilometers before they need to be replaced - figures that have been proven on real roads - not just in test conditions.


The Kumho tyre brand is emerging as an innovator in the tyre industry - helping it grow around the world. Kumho tyres have patented a series of specialist rubber compounds, tyre tread patterns, water drainage patterns, and construction techniques - all in an effort to make long-lasting, safe tyres that are comfortable and enhance fuel economy.


OEM Kumho Tyres

Kumho tyres are trusted as the tyre supplier for a number of vehicle manufacturers around the world. This means they create 'OEM tyres' - short for 'Original Equipment Manufactuer'. These are tyres that are specially developed for a certain make or model of vehicle - and confirm Kumho tyres as one of the most trusted tyre manufacturers in the world.


Kumho tyres are fitted as factory standard on some Holden, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Ford, BMW and Mercedes Benz vehicles - so you know Kumho tyres are of the highest quality and safe for your car.


More about the Kumho tyres brand


Kumho tyres was founded in South Korea in 1940 and has been trading in Australia for the last 40 years, Kumho tyres can now be found in over 180 countries and produces more than 68 million tyres every year.


If you're a motorsports fan, the Kumho tyre name will be a familiar one - as the tyre company is a major sponsor of the V8 race series and Formula 3 Championships here in Australia. Kumho tyres also produce a series of high-performance race tyres that are used in a variety of motorsport series around the world.


Although the Kumho tyres brand is considered to be one that is budget-friendly, this hasn't stopped their products performing outstandingly in independent testing. Whether you're driving on dry, snowy, wet, icy, or rough roads, a Kumho tyre features innovative 3D Dimple Designs and C-Cut 3D tread designs that maximise braking performance and ensure the very best level of stability - no matter what kind of vehicle you drive.


Kumho Tyres Range


Kumho tyre make a wide selection of high-performance touring and 4x4 tyres to suit anything from a passenger vehicle to an SUV, 4x4 or commercial truck.


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