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Auto Hero is the ideal source for you if you're seeking information about Goodyear tyres.


Here, you can peruse reviews from other drivers who have used Goodyear tyres and gain valuable insights into their performance in crucial areas such as wear, noise reduction, handling, wet and dry braking, and traction for SUVs, 4x4s, and passenger cars. 


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About Goodyear Tyres


Goodyear is one of the most popular tyre brands on the planet - and for good reason. For a long time, Goodyear tyres were equipped by the world's best Formula 1 team - and the brand still provides tyres for virtually all motorsports today.

You might not need grand-prix standard high-performance tyres for your car - but the research and development that's gone into making Goodyear some of the best motorsport tyres available also means they're some of the best vehicle tyres available in terms of safetyfuel economy, and road handling


Are Goodyear Tyres Worth It?

Goodyear are one of the top tyre brands - so they tend to cost a little more than budget tyres. However, this small additional cost often repays itself a number of times over the life of quality tyres.

It's all down to the ultra-high performance and durability you can expect from the tyre in all weather conditions. Use of specialist patented composite materials mean tyre wear is reduced - so Goodyear tyres will often last longer than the competition - as well as offering better load index and speed index ratings. What's more, fuel economy is increased when using a suitable tyres (like the CS Fuelmax) - thanks to tread patterns that are designed to get more miles from a tank - without compromising on safety. 

Braking performance is improved against many competitors too. Industry tests show that the Goodyear Tyres Assurance Armorgrip range can improve stopping distances by as much as 15 metres - also, tests show the Assurance Triplemax 2 offers similar results in wet conditions - even a flood situation.


How much do Goodyear tyres cost?

Goodyear tyre prices start as low as $49 depending on the tyre size you need. You will often be able to find a good deal when you buy 4 tyres at the same time - helping to keep costs down.

Looking for cheap Goodyear tyres?

Finding the best price for tyres usually involves a lot of searching online, calling around tyre shops, and sometimes even haggling over prices.


At Autohero, we remove all this hard work.

Tell us the tyre size you need and we'll compare Goodyear tyre prices with the best tyre retailers in your area. You still get to choose the tyre, price and fitter that works for you - and you'll deal with the tyre shop direct, with no commission or hidden fees!



Goodyear Tyres Have A Massive Range Of Tyres Suitable For Virtually All Vehicles


Whether you're going off road in a 4x4, driving the family car, looking for the correct tyres for a performance vehicle, riding a motorbike, or using a light commercial vehicle for business; using cutting-edge tyre technology like Durawall, HydroGrip, QuietTread, and Silent Armour; Goodyear tyres safety, comfort and maximum fuel-efficiency in every ride.

Goodyear even produces a range of tyres intended for ultra-high-performance vehicles - the Eagle F1 range - with variants for a range of vehicles, even including supercars and hypercars.


Goodyear Tyres Range: High-Quality Tyres For All Vehicles

Goodyear tyres are best known for their Grip performance, wet performance, and overall low-noise road performance.

Whether you need a Cargo Marathon for your light van or truck, a comfortable ride for passenger cars - or you need maximum grip 4WD tyres - like the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac, we've got you covered - and our prices include having the tyres fitted too. 

Where can I buy Goodyear Tyres?

Wherever you are - from Western Australia to New South Wales, you'll find the best prices here on Autohero - your trusted comparison website for tyres!

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