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Cooper Tyres


As an American brand, the 'Cooper Tires' brand name is spelled in US English - but whichever way it's spelled, Cooper tyres are outstanding, and the range includes unbeatable all terrain 4WD tyres, SUV tyres, sedan tyres, and a range of commerical and agricultural tread patterns.


How Much Do Cooper Tires Cost - And Are They Worth It?


Pricing for Cooper car tyres can start as low as $80 depending on the tyre size - making them some of the best value tyres on the market.


Cooper Tires: Tyre Reviews


Select a Cooper tires pattern above to see what other drivers have to say about their experience with Cooper tires.


About Cooper Tires

Cooper tires are a American made brand that traces its origins back to 1914. They're headquartered in Findlay, Ohio.

Cooper's wide range of tyres are suited for sedans, 4WDs, utes, wagons and hatchbacks, they also have subsidiaries that produce motorcycle, medium-sized truck and racing tyres.
Cooper tyres are extremely well regarded in off-roading clubs and with adventure enthusiasts - with Cooper tyres often fitted to a huge range of overlanding vehicles, including the Toyota Prado, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Pajero, Holden Colorado, Nissan Pathfinder - vehicles and tyres that are built to thrive in Australia, no matter where you live.


Cooper Tires: Tyres Range


Cooper tires offer a full line-up of products which includes:


  • Passenger tyres
  • Commercial tyres
  • Truck and Bus tyres
  • Race Competition tyres 
  • Industrial tyres
  • SUV and 4x4 off-road tyres


Some of their most popular tyres include the Cooper Tires S/T MAXX and the Cooper Tires A/T3. The S/T MAXX is a design of Cooper all terrain tyres (4x4 tyres).


Where Can I Buy Cooper Tires Tyres?


Today, Cooper tires are available in over 60 countries globally - including here on AutoHero! It doesn't matter where in Australia you are, we'll make sure you get your next set of Coopers at an unbeatable price.


Article: Where are Cooper Tyres Made?


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