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About BFGoodrich Tyres


BFGoodrich are one of the most popular SUV and 4x4 tyre brands on the planet - but the company actually provides a massive range of tyres for all vehicles. Their heritage is hard to beat - opening their doors as the first rubber company to produce tyres in the USA. Their superior manufacturing processes mean BFGoodrich tyres almost always perform as some of the best on the road in fuel economy, safety, and longevity testing.


How Much Do BFGoodrich Tyres Cost?


BF Goodrich tyres can start as low as $80 depending on the tyre size. Of course, more specialist tyres can cost more - for instance, both the Terrain T/A KO2 and the Terrain T/A KM2 are both a slightly more premium 4x4 tyre designed for mud terrain. These specialist tyres might be a few dollars more - but you'll get outstanding 4x4 performance as a result.


Of course, BF Goodrich also provide exceptional lower-budget road-going tyres - like the Advantage T/A Drive. It's one of the lower priced family car tyres on the market - but is packed full of outstanding technology with an impressive speed rating to keep you safe.


Are Bfgoodrich Tyres Worth The Money?


BGGoodirch tyres are generally considered to be excellent value for money. The reason generally boils down to how innovative the company are - their research and development is second-to-none, and they're quick to implement cutting-edge technology and manufacturing processes throughout their range.


There's more to tyre economy than just the ticket price - and while BF Goodrich are extremely competitive price-wise, they'll also help you save money on on-going fuel costs - and they're tough, so you can expect them to last longer than a typical tyre too - standing up to hot summers and even the worst flood situation.


More Information On High-Performance Bf Goodrich Tyres


BFGoodrich started as tyre manufacturers in the USA, back as far as 1870. They always made exceptional tyres - and they were the first company to introduce 'radial' tyres - the standard long-lasting design standard found in most of today's road-going tyres. The firm has a large number of claims to fame as a tyre manufacturer - including the fact that the company's tyres were used in 1903 on the first car to cross the United States - as well as being used on the 'Spirit of St. Louis' plane that made the first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight.


If you want a tyre that can stand up to anything that's thrown at it - BF Goodrich are a good choice - especially since the company's tyres have even been used on space shuttles!


In 1990, the brand was bought by Michelin Tyres - but the name remains, thanks largely to the huge and very loyal following it has built over the years.


BFGoodrich are renowed for making long-lasting, high-performance tyres - like the Advantage T/A Drive - created to endure the toughest challenges for a wide range of vehicles - giving you total handling and control for all road conditions whatever your vehicle is.


Bfgoodrich Provide Outstanding Tyres For A Range Of Vehicle Manufacturers


BFGoodrich provide 'OEM' - or 'Original Equipment Manufacturer' tyres to a huge range of leading automakers in the world. These OEM tyres are either 'off-the-shelf' tyres (like the Advantage T/A Drive or their G Force winter tyres) that the vehicle manufacturer thinks are a perfect match to the car - or a bespoke tyre, made by BFGoodrich tyres just for that model. BFGoodrich provider OEM tyres to: Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Ford, Kia, Nissan, Volkswagen, Honda, Holden, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Suzuki and Audi.


BFGoodrich Range


BFGoodrich offers a full line-up of products which includes:



The Advantage T/A Drive Tyre


BF Goodrich's Advantage T/A Drive tyre stands out as being one of the most popular on the market - and for good reason. The Advantage T/A Drive is an all-purpose tyre with an oustanding tread life. Its agile handling makes it good enough for performance vehicles - but without losing any of the comfort you'd expect if you fit it on an SUV.


If you're looking for a good all-rounded that won't let you down - the Advantage T/A Drive is well worth a look. It's the manufacturers most popular tyre - even including their outstanding Terrain T/A KO2 and the Terrain T/A KM2 4WD tyre range.


Where Can I Buy BFGoodrich Tyres?


BFGoodrich tyres are available all over Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide and Hobart - but if you're looking for the best price for a Kumho tyre, you'll find it here on AutoHero.com.au!


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