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When and Why Car Battery Need Replacing

The battery is a crucial part of your car, so it’s important to get it right if it needs to be replaced. Since the battery provides starting power for your engine, your car isn’t going to be able to function at all without it. Your car’s battery is a small box that supplies power to all the electrical components of your car including accessories like the fans, lights, and radio. It also provides the power that is needed to start your car and stabilises the voltage to ensure that your engine runs smoothly. Every time you turn the key or press the stop/start button in your car to turn the engine on, the battery performs these actions. Without it, your car would simply be rendered useless.

How to Remove Car Battery – How Long Does a Battery Last?

On average, you can expect your car battery to last between three and five years before it may need repairing or replacing. However, there are some driving habits and other factors such as being exposed to extreme elements that might shorten the lifespan of your battery. In fact, battery failure is one of the leading causes of breakdowns and engine failure. To avoid battery failure, pay close attention to driving with high loads, excessive vibration, charge rates, terminals that are dirty or loose, sulphation, weather extremes, electrical system faults, stop/start driving, and leaving the lights on your car. It is also a good idea to check the expiry date of your car’s battery so that you know when it is likely to need replacing.

How to Change a Car Battery

If your car’s battery needs to be changed for any reason, then you can follow this step-by-step guide. You can also have your battery replaced by an auto professional. Before you get started, you will need your new car battery, a pair of protective gloves, a post cleaner tool and a spanner.

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How to Change a Car Battery Step By Step

To change your car battery, these are the steps you will need to follow.

1 – How to Remove a Car Battery

Firstly, you will need to disconnect your battery. To do this, park your car on a level surface and engage the parking brake. If it’s a manual car, put it in first gear, or in park if it is automatic. Turn the key to off and remove it. Wear your protective gloves and then remove the negative terminal before removing the positive terminal. If necessary, tie the cables back.

2 – Removing the Restraints

Remove the restraints of the battery or any other components that are holding it down. Then, remove the battery from the tray, making sure that you are holding it upright at all times.

3 – Inspect and Clean the Terminals

Once you have removed the battery, check the cables for any corrosion or other signs of damage. Use a battery terminal and post cleaner to clean the insides of each terminal by wiping them. Then, use-corrosion terminal grease on the terminals to prevent the formation of corrosive deposits.

4 – Install a New Battery

Keep your new battery upright at all times and carefully place it onto the tray. Make sure that the negative and positive terminals are on the correct sides, before securing the battery and replacing the restraints.

5 – Reconnect the Terminals

Reconnect the battery terminals. Reconnect the positive terminal first, then the negative. Your new battery should now be ready to go.

How to Take Out Battery from Car – Top Signs Your Battery Needs Replacing

Most drivers have been in a situation where they try to start the car, but nothing happens because the battery is dead. This can create massive inconveniences in your life or even leave you stranded if you are away from home. It can be all too easy to overlook the warning signs that the car battery might need to be replaced. Some of the most common signs that your battery might be nearing the end if its lifespan include:

Slow Engine Turning Over

If you have been driving for some time, you might be familiar with the sound of an engine that is struggling to or won’t turn over. If you turn the key and find that your engine takes a while to actually get going, this can be one of the main signs that you might need to replace the car battery. This is because the battery is one of the main components in the car to make your engine run. It provides energy to the starter and ignition systems in the car, turning a flywheel which starts your engine. This should happen very quickly, but if it’s taking some time, the battery is probably not working as well as it should, and should be replaced.

Flickering Dashboard Lights

While your battery powers the engine and gets it started, it is also responsible for providing power to the other electrical components of your car including the dashboard. The dashboard is a vital source of information for you as you are driving your vehicle, so if there is any kind of issue, it’s important to have it checked out as soon as you can. If you notice that the lights on your dashboard are flickering, it is more likely to be a sign of a dying battery rather than a problem with your dashboard itself. If you have noticed this sign, it’s a good idea to get a new battery and change it as soon as you can. If you wait too long, your battery might die out completely and you won’t be able to start your car.

Dim Headlights

If the battery in your car is losing its power, you will notice that all the electrical components of your car are going to be affected. When you are idling in your car, you may notice that the headlights are dimmer, and they go brighter again when you accelerate. This is a tell-tale sign that your car battery might need to be replaced. If you have noticed that your car headlights are doing this, you should try and replace the battery as soon as possible, as otherwise, it could completely die and leave you stranded.

Slow Rolling Windows

Everything might appear to be fine when you start and drive your car, but if your electric windows are taking ages to roll down when the engine is off, this can be one of the subtle first signs that your battery doesn’t have a lot of power left. However, with that being said, slow rolling windows can be caused by a number of issues including worn window regulators, broken track guides and problems with the window motor, so it’s worth getting the issue checked out to determine if it is the battery or something else.

Corrosion on the Battery

Open up the bonnet of your car and give your battery a visual inspection from time to time. Some build-up of dirt is to be expected, but your battery should be clean and free from any corrosion. If you notice that there is a lot of corrosion covering your battery, then this is a sure sign that it might need to be replaced soon. There are several problems that can lead to your battery being corroded including escaping gases, battery fluid leaks, and simply because the battery has become old and worn over time. Regardless of what has caused the corrosion, it’s important to deal with it as soon as possible.

Battery Age

Finally, car batteries can last for between three to five years. After this point, depending on how you drive and the weather conditions where you live, your battery is only likely to go downhill. While it may be possible to get more life out of your battery after the five-year mark, you should be ready for a replacement at any point after this time. Along with this, depending on your driving practices and the local weather conditions, your battery might start to die even sooner. Once your car battery is at least three years old, it’s a good idea to have it tested by a professional. Most garages and automotive professionals offer affordable battery checks while some will even do it for free. Having this done will give you a better idea of how much life is left in your car battery and when you will probably need to start thinking about getting a replacement.

The battery is a vital component that your car needs to start and run smoothly. Over time, there are several things that can cause your battery to die. No driver wants to be in a position where they can’t start or move their car due to a dead battery. While you might be able to jump-start your battery, after a while, all car batteries are going to no longer work and will need to be completely replaced. The good news is that replacing your car battery is a fairly straightforward job that you can have done by a professional or even try doing yourself with the right tools.

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