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295/80R22.5 Tyres

295/80R22.5 tyres have a section width of 295mm and an aspect ratio of 80%. The aspect ratio represents a tyre's height in relation to its width. The R in the code signifies that they are designed with radial ply construction, while the 22.5 indicates that these tyres fit wheel rims that have 22.5 inch diameters.

At the end of a tyre's code is a combination of two or three numbers and a letter. These tell you the maximum load capacity of each tyre, as well as the top speed that they can reach safely. For example, 295/80R22.5 154M tyres can carry up to 3750kg, reaching speeds of 130km/h.

These tyres are built solidly, which enables them to carry the heavy weights that trucks need to transport. They can fit a range of makes, models and years, however you should make sure to confirm the right size for your vehicle beforehand.

Some drivers may prefer a size other than 295/80R22.5 tyres. A narrower tyre will give you a quieter and smoother ride, as well as helping to boost the fuel economy. A wider tyre can decrease the braking distance and improve the handling of the vehicle, making it a great option for those drivers who are concerned for their safety.

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