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305/70R19.5 Tyres

These tyres have a section width of 305mm and a 70% aspect ratio. The aspect ratio tells you the height of a tyre in relation to its width. 305/70R19.5 tyres feature radial ply construction, while the 19.5 in the code tells you that they fit wheel rims of 19.5 inches.

Tyres have one last aspect to their code. It is a mix of numbers and a letter, which indicate both the maximum load capacity as well as the speed rating of the tyres. 305/70R19.5 148M tyres can carry up to 3150kg for each tyre, at speeds of up to 130km/h.

305/70 R19.5 tyres can fit a range of different heavy vehicles. Their heavy-duty construction makes them especially suitable for trucks and similar machinery. There are many models and makes that they may fit, but you should make sure that you check the correct size for your vehicle beforehand. This is because similar vehicles can have slight variations in their tyre size.

Your driving style will also impact which tyres are most suitable for your vehicle. Some drivers will be happy with 305/70R19.5 tyres, while others will want a narrower option that increases their fuel economy as well as giving them a smoother driving experience. Wider tyres can also be a good choice, because the increased width gives better handling and a shorter braking distance.

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