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305 70R16 Tyres

305 70R16 tyres have a section width of 305mm and an aspect ratio of 70%. This ratio means that the height of the tyre is 70% of the width. The R in a tyre's code symbolises that it is made with radial ply construction, while the 16 tells you that it fits wheel rims that have 16 inch diameters.

At the end of a tyre's code, there is a combination of several different letters, as well as a number. This tells you the maximum load capacity as well as the top speed that the tyres are rated for. As an example, 305 70 R16 124Q tyres have a capacity of 1600kg each, capable of safely travelling at up to 160km/h.

305 70 R16 tyres can be used on a range of different trucks. There are many different makes and models that can potentially be fitted with these tyres. Before you buy any new tyres, make sure that you double check the right size for your vehicle. Be careful, because sometimes there can be slight differences in size for different years of the same vehicle.

Sometimes another option may suit your vehicle and driving style better than 305 70R16 tyres. Selecting a wider tyre will give your truck shorter braking distances and better handling, while narrower tyres will be slightly more economical.

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