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195 65 R15 Tyres

These tyres are standard for a wide variety of vehicles. 195 65R15 tyres are 195mm wide and their aspect ratio is 65%, meaning that these tyres, 195 55 R15, have a height that is 65% of their width. The R indicates that they are constructed with a radial ply design, while the number that follows it signifies that 195 65R15 tyres are suited for wheel rims of 15 inches. The final number and letter combination in a tyre's code represents the maximum load capacity, as well as the speed at which the tyres can operate safely. For instance, a 91W can support 615kg for each tyre and safely reach speeds of 270km/h.

A 195 65R15 tyre price can be quite reasonable, because these tyres are suitable for a wide range of cars. These include European, American and Asian options of hatchbacks, sedans, coupes and wagons.

The Volkswagen Beetle, Toyota Corolla, Subaru Legacy, Nissan Maxima, Mazda 5 and Hyundai Elantra are all vehicles that can use 195 65R15 tyres.

Your car may suit other tyres apart from the 195 65R15. 185 65R15 tyres are narrower and will be able to tread water better. This makes them a great option for those who live in rainy areas.

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