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Here, you can read reviews from other drivers who have used Nitto tyres and gain valuable insights into their performance in crucial areas such as wear, noise reduction, handling, wet and dry braking, and traction for SUVs, 4x4s, and passenger cars. 

Nitto Tyres 

Nitto tyres might not be quite as well known as some of the premium competitors - but that doesn't mean they don't make exceptional tyres that are up there with the very best. The brand prides themselves on being driven by passion and innovation for all things automotive - so when you choose Nitto tyres, you're choosing tyres, you're getting tyre technology that's often ahead of what other brands have available; keeping you at the forefront of performance, economy, safety, comfort, and ride quality.


How much do Nitto tyres cost?

Despite their focus on cutting-edge technology, Nitto tyres still manage to bring their products to the market at extremely competitive prices. Nitto tyres start at around $49 - although you can expect to pay a little more for high-performance tread patterns or tyres that are designed for a higher speed-rating.


Are Nitto tyres are trustworthy brand?

Absolutely. Nitto tyres may have a name that some people people don't recognise - but if you talk to anyone involved interested in motorsport, they will recognise Nitto as providing high-performance tyres that are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry. Of course, not many of us need this kind of ultra high-performance on our daily vehicles - but Nitto tyres race pedigree means they've developed incredible manufacturing standards - so whether you're putting Nitto tyres on your daily car, light truck, 4x4, or peformance vehicle - Nitto tyres are tyres you can trust.


More information about Nitto tyres


Nitto tyres was founded back in 1949 - and since then, the brand's been driven by a need for ultra high-performance tyres for street cars, track cars, and off-road vehicles. Back then, the tyre brand was actually part of the Toyo group - but grew apart as a brand that focused solely on high-performance innovation. 


To create tyres capable of success on the track, Nitto tyres made superior research, development, and forward-thinking manufacturing processes, and extreme testing measures their primary goals. As a result, they started creating tyres that offered incredible tread life, world-class traction, and untouchable levels of driver satisfaction.


Today, Nitto tyres can be seen on a massive range of vehicles - from daily cars, through to vehicles that are produced exclusively to compete in 'drift' racing, all-terrain competitions, track racing, and even hypercars. If you're looking for state-of-the-art tyre technology, Nitto tyres have got you covered. 


Popular Nitto tyres products and tread patterns


Take a look at some of Nitto tyres most popular tyres and where you can find them in use:


Nitto Tyres Terra Grappler - including the Terra Grappler G2

Available as either light truck or passenger car tyres, the Nitto Tyres Terra Grappler range is hard to beat if you're looking for off-road wet or dry performance alongside superb on-road comfort and quietness. No matter what the terrain throws at you, the Grappler is ready - and will keep you comfortable. 


Nitto Ridge Grappler

The Nitto Tyres Ridge Grapper is a hybrid extreme-duty light truck that's aimed at serious 4WDers. On the road, you can expect a quiet, comfortable ride - thanks to the tight central tread - but when you get off the road, the serious aggressive sidewall pattern makes this tyre one of the very best. A great tyre for vehicles that are used both on- and off-road.


Nitto Dura Grappler 

It's marketed as a light truck tyre - but the Nitto Tyres Dura Grappler is capable of hauling serious loads. Whether you're in a 4WD or an SUV, this is a tyre that will roll all-day on sealed roads - but gives you the confidence you need to take your truck onto the dirt if needed.



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Where can I buy Nitto tyres?


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