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Mickey Thompson Tyres


If you're here looking for Mickey Thompson tyres - chances are you're not shopping for a standard passenger car or daily SUV. Mickey Thompson tyres are created with one thing in mind - superior motorsport performance. From the company's roots in the drag race scene in the USA, the Mickey Thompson tyre design now produce tread patterns intended for high-performance 4x4 tyres, and specialist off road mud terrain tyre applications - along with their range of high performance truck and race tyres. 


How much do Mickey Thompson tyres cost?


Depending on the tyre size or tread patterns you're looking for, Mickey Thompson tyres can start from as little as $80. Remember, when you use AutoHero, you'll get the best prices from local suppliers who are eager to win your business.


Are Mickey Thompson tyres worth it?


If you're shopping for Mickey Thompson tyres, you already know they're worth every dollar you're going to spend. Mickey Thompson tyres were created by the USA's first land speed record holder - and they haven't slowed down since. With speciality sizes, high-performance tread patterns, and cutting-edge tyre innovation - you will struggle to find better ultra high-performance tyres anywhere in the world.


More information on Mickey Thompson tyres


Mickey Thompson tyres are suitable for many different vehicles and uses. This includes street tyres, drag tyres and off-road high performance 4x4 tyres. Mickey Thompson tyres are very popular with the racing community and four-wheel drive enthusiasts. In 2003, the Mickey Thompson tyres company was bought out by Cooper Tires


As a brand established in the USA, the name is often stylised as 'Mickey Thompson Tires' - named after the motor racing legend Micky Thompson. However it's spelled, you can be assured the Mickey Thompson Tires produce some of the world's very best tyres and tread patterns.


There are very few tyre manufacturers that can come close to the kind of performance and success Mickey Thompson tyres have seen on the track over the years. Mickey Thompsons are not a middle-of-the-road tyre - they're specialist tyres made to win. Whether you're in the Truck, Street, or Drag Race categories - Mickey Thompson tyres will give you the extra performance you need to claim the top spot on the podium.


The Mickey Thompson Tyres Range


Mickey Thompson tyres offers a full line-up of products which includes:


  • High-performance passenger car tyres
  • High-performance truck tyres
  • Race Competition tyres
  • SUV and 4x4 off-road tyres


Some of the most popular options for 4x4's include the Mickey Thompson BAJA RADIAL ATZ P3 and the Mickey Thompson BAJA RADIAL STZ
The Mickey Thompson Baja Radial ATZ P3 is a range of high-performance all-terrain tyres that have excellent traction in the mud, as well as on-road. They are designed for a comfortable ride and road use, with low noise. 
The Mickey Thompson Baja Radial STZ has a tread pattern that combines great traction and grip with precise handling and performance.
Other stand-out tyres include: the Mickey All Terrain 38, the Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ, Mickey Thompson Baja Legend EXP, Mickey Thompson Baja Legend MTZ, Mickey Thompson Baja Mtz P3, the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss, and the Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3. 

Where can I buy Mickey Thompson tyres?


Mickey Thompson tyres are available in over 180 countries globally including here on AutoHero!


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Article: Where are Mickey Thompson Tyres Made?