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Lizetti Tyre Reviews & Prices

LIZETTI 4x4 tyres, LIZETTI Commercial and LIZETTI Passanger

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Whether you're conquering rocky trails in your 4x4, navigating winding mountain roads in your sports car or just shuttling the kids to school in the family sedan, Lizetti tires infuse everyday driving with a sense of adventure. Their rugged durability and affordable price also mean you can do more living and less worrying about the costs or consequences of life in the fast lane.

Lizetti Tyres

Owned by California-based Turbo Wholesale Tires, Inc., Lizetti is an ultra-high performance tyre line that’s designed to provide a combination of quality, luxury, and style on the road.

From SUVs, sports coupes, or luxury sedans, Lizetti has tyres made for discerning car enthusiasts. Its tyres come with technologically advanced tread patterns and delivers ultra-high performance capability, is why it is appreciated by drivers around the world. To address the needs of various drivers, the brand offers a selection of tyre models. Its line-up includes the LZ HTC, LZ ONE, LZ SIX, LZ THREE, and LZ TWO.  

Lizetti tyres provide responsive handling in all types of weather conditions, as well as enhanced traction and superb cornering even in snow. Thanks to its optimised tread pattern design and durable abrasion-resistant construction, Lizetti tyres guarantee excellent performance at a price that doesn’t hurt the pocket. This allows the tyres to offer an economical, reliable, and long-lasting service.

Although Lizetti has a relatively short history as a brand, compared to bigger and more well-known tyre brands, it continues to prove that it can provide car owners and enthusiasts the comfort, safety, and reliability they need all the time—regardless of customer’s budgets or driving requirements.