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KINGSTAR 4x4 tyres, KINGSTAR Commercial and KINGSTAR Passanger

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Whether you're conquering rocky trails in your 4x4, navigating winding mountain roads in your sports car or just shuttling the kids to school in the family sedan, Kingstar tires infuse everyday driving with a sense of adventure. Their rugged durability and affordable price also mean you can do more living and less worrying about the costs or consequences of life in the fast lane.

Kingstar Tyres

Produced by the South Korean tyre company Hankook, Kingstar Tyres is a Dutch brand that has already achieved success in Europe and South America. Kingstar's tyre products are created using the same technologies as Hankook tyres, and are also manufactured at Hankook factories in China. This means you can expect to enjoy the same quality, performance and value from Kingstar Tyres as you would expect from Hankook products, but only at a much lower price.

Kingstar has two popular lines in the market today: the ultra-high performance Road Fit SK10 tyre, and the passenger touring Centum SK72 tyre.

Road Fit SK10 tyres deliver good wet grip and braking performance. V- and W-rated, the tyre model also boasts responsive handling, and smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to its computer-optimised asymmetric tread pattern. Road Fit SK10 tyres are available in 15- to 18-inch sizes.

The Centum SK72 tyre, meanwhile, offers a good mix of value and quality. T-rated, it features straight tread grooves that channel water, providing a good performance in wet conditions. It also has an advanced tread compound for maximum traction. Centum SK72, a touring radial tyre, comes in 12- through 16-inch sizes.

Both models also come with warranty—40K for Road Fit SK10, and 60K for Centum SK72.