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Gladiator Tyres

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About Gladiator Tyres


Gladiator Tyres is a strong player in the trailer tyre and ATV tyre categories. Distributed globally by the American Pacific Industries, Inc. (API), Gladiator tyres are manufactured in China and are built with an emphasis on performance and ride quality.


Their trailer tyres are built using highly durable carcasses that are meant to take all the heat and punishment, and the constant towing and heavy loads that trailers typically endure and carry. Their ATV tyres, meanwhile, provide great value and are an excellent upgrade over most original equipment tyres. All of their tyre products also come with a standard warranty and free replacement on material and workmanship issues.


What sets Gladiator tyres apart from other Chinese tyre designs is its superior construction and design features. Gladiator tyres feature a wide tread area that results in better handling, wear and stability. The mould shape is also comparable to that of major tyre brands.


At present, Gladiator tyres offer a line-up of 7 premium tyres. Their range includes the QR35-TR, a 5-rib trailer service tyre that can also be fitted in all positions, the QR55-ST, an all-position 5-rib highway tire, the QR66-PS, a steer axle tyres featuring an extra-wide 5-rib design, the QR77-DL®, an on-highway radial lug, the QR88-MS, a multi-service tire featuring an extra deep tread design,  the QR90-PT, a traction tire for utility vehicles, and the QR99-PD, a closed-shoulder drive lug tyre.


How much do Gladiator tyres cost?


Pricing can start as low as $49 depending on the tyre size.


Gladiator tyres range


Maxxis offers a full line-up of products which includes:


Where can I buy Gladiator Tyres?


Gladiator tyres are available all over Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide and Hobart including here on Tyre Compare!


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