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Here, you can peruse reviews from other drivers who have used Falken tyres and gain valuable insights into their performance in crucial areas such as wear, noise reduction, handling, wet and dry braking, and traction for SUVs, 4x4s, and passenger cars. 


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Falken Tyres

If you're looking for great-value high-performance radial tyres that are backed up by some of the world's best research and development - look no further than Falken tyre. While many tyre manufacturers make a tyre range with tread patterns that are suitable for roads around the world - Falken tyres have patterns that have been specifically designed for Australian roads. As a result, you get superior handling, performance, grip, fuel economy, control, and longevity.


How Much Do Falken Tyres Cost?


Falken tyres pricing for passenger cars can start as low as $49 depending on the tyre size - around this price range, you would start seeing tyres like the Azenis FK510 (in certain sizes) and the ZIEX CT60 A/S tyre (specifically made as all-season tyre for SUVs). Of course, the Falken tyre manufacturing facilities also produce a specialist high-performance tyre range - you can expect to pay a few dollars more for high-performance tyres, but if you've got a capable car, the additional grip can transform your vehicle's performance.


Are Falken Tyres Worth The Price?


Falken tyres have a reputation for being extremely good value for money - and you'll often notice they're a few dollars less expensive than their similar, premium tyres from slightly more well-known tyre manufacturers. Don't let the price fool you into thinking Falken tyres aren't extremely capable though - with Falken tyres tread patterns designed specifically for Australian roads, you can expect great tyres prices combined with excellent fuel economy and unmatched longevity.


About Falken Tyres

Falken tyre was founded in 1983 in Japan as part of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries company. Now, over three decades later, Falken stands out as one of the Sumitomo Rubber company's most successful brands - a high-profile tyre manufacturer focusing on delivering quality products that perform faultlessly.


You'll perhaps notice that Falken tyres produce fewer tyre models than some competitors - this is because they specifically design tyres that are made for certain environments. So, if you're looking for a tyre for a particular terrain, there's a strong chance that Falken tyres will deliver what you need.


Falken tyres are a popular choice in motorsport. Although we appreciate that you don't need this ultra-high-performance motorsport standard on your family car or SUV, you still benefit from the same kind of unbeatable technology in the firm's tyres. For instance, Falken tyres use a patented computer manufacturing method that ensures every single tyre that leaves its tyre manufacturing facilities matches its intended design perfectly. As a result, you get tyres that deliver the exact level of handling, fuel efficiency, and comfort you can expect - every single time.


Where Can I Buy Falken Tyres?

Falken tyres are available all over Australia in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart and beyond. If you're looking for the best prices on Falken tyres, start by looking here on AutoHero


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Article: Where are Falken Tyres Made?