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Here, you can peruse reviews from other drivers who have used Dunlop tyres and gain valuable insights into their performance in crucial areas such as wear, noise reduction, handling, wet and dry braking, and traction for SUVs, 4x4s, and passenger cars. 


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About Dunlop Tyres


Tyre brands don't come more established than Dunlop tyres - the brand created the very first pneumatic (air-filled) rubber tyre ever - and since then, the brand's become a worldwide authority on tyres that maximise fuel economy, comfort, and safety.


Are The Range Of Dunlop Tyres Good Value For Money?


Dunlop tyres have a strong motorsport heritage - and the technology that the brand has developed through years on the racetrack has trickled down into their road-going tyres. We know you might not need performance tyres for your passenger car - but Dunlop tyres incredible experience in motorsport means they understand how to perfectly balance durability, mileage, traction, quiet performance, comfort, and economy - so even if they cost a few dollars more than budget alternatives, you'll find that Dunlop tyres often result in impressive fuel savings in the longer term.


How Much Do Dunlop Tyres Cost?


There are a range of Dunlop car tyres that start from around $79 per tyre - but high-performance models can cost a little more - as can those with a much higher load index. The sheer amount of tyre technology packed into Dunlop tyres make them a firm favourite with motorists and reviews suggest users find them to be exceptional value for money.


Dunlop Tyres Oem Tyres


Dunlop tyres create a range of 'OEM' tyres - or 'Original Equipment Manufacturer' models. OEM essentially means the brand has been chosen to provide unique tyres specially created for a range or specific vehicle. Dunlop tyres ongoing advances in all aspects of tyre technology make it the standard choice on many new cars worldwide for manufacturers like BMW, Isuzu, and Land Rover to name a few.


Where can I buy Dunlop Tyres?


Dunlop tyres are available in over 180 countries globally - and if you want to find the very best prices, search here on Auto Hero!


Article: Where are Dunlop Tyres Made?