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Whether you're conquering rocky trails in your 4x4, navigating winding mountain roads in your sports car or just shuttling the kids to school in the family sedan, AOSEN tires infuse everyday driving with a sense of adventure. Their rugged durability and affordable price also mean you can do more living and less worrying about the costs or consequences of life in the fast lane.



As you could probably guess, is an off shoot brand of another company that is much bigger.  In the tire world, this is very common.  Even many of the big companies that exist out there offer sub brands so that they don’t lose your patronage.  One reason for this is to keep costs down, while another is to service a different niche of the market. 


AOSEN derives from a company known as Doublestar Tires.  Doublestar has been around an extremely long time, tracing its roots back almost an entire century now.  It operates out of Shandong, China, and has several brands under it at the moment.  One of those, of course, is the subject of our review today in AOSEN.  AOSEN’s role in the company is to provide various tires for passenger vehicles as well as big rig truck tires as well. 


If you are unsure of Doublestar’s credentials, you should look no further than the fact that they are one of the top ten tire manufacturers in the world and also the largest tire company in China now.  That is due to the acquisition of Kumho Tires, of which they now hold a controlling stake (45%) in as of 2016.  That gives them a lot more leeway and will no doubt drive your confidence up- or at least, it should do so.