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New Tech Start-up Launches in Australia

Used to be non-existent, Australia’s start-up scene has become more vibrant as ever as more and more people are jumping on board, looking towards both innovation and entrepreneurship as keys to growth.

But while many start-ups manage to get off the ground each year, only a handful get the press they seek and succeed. In Sydney, for instance, one tech start-up launched in August 2014 is slowly but surely turning heads and challenging tech bigwigs.

Like Skyscanner for tyres, Auto Hero is a platform that promises to reinvent the tire retail industry by making tire inventory and prices more accessible. Founded by Matt Banks, the platform aims to provide the second opinion consumers need to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing tires.

The Story Behind the Start-up

Shopping for tires can be a daunting process—at least this is what Banks realized after one of his vehicles was slapped with a penalty due to bald tires. He went looking for correct tires, thinking it would only take him a few hours. But to his dismay, it took him nearly two days to find what he wanted.


His tire shopping journey at that time involved countless phone calls and visits to retailers. He turned to the Internet for a solution, only to find phone numbers and addresses which he had to call and visit. It was then that he knew there had to be a better, less painful way to go about this car maintenance task. So he created a platform with a similar feel to other comparison sites but with a different purpose: to help car owners get the best deals on tires. Auto Hero.com.au was born.

How Auto Hero Reinvented Tire Shopping

With Auto Hero, vehicle owners no longer had to call or go from one tire shop to another to compare prices in order to get the best deal. Auto Hero has the dirty work covered. All a user needs to do is to visit the site, enter their tyre details and postcode, and he will be greeted with a list of stock and prices from retailers in the local vicinity.

Once a user has chosen and reserved the desired tires, he’ll simply have to wait to be contacted by the winning retailer to arrange the fitting. Headache solved all in a matter of minutes!

Tire shopping by phone

Part of the growing success of the platform is the ability for the consumer to see the inventory from different providers, compare efficiently, and make up your mind without being pressured by pushy salesmen. You make your own decision in your own time based on the information presented to you.

As of writing, there are over 300 retailers that have joined the network, and Auto Hero is looking to roll out in all major metro areas by the end of 2016.

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