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5 DIY Car Cleaning Tips to Make Your Car Look like New

The cost of vehicle ownership doesn’t start and end when you drive your car home from the dealership. As any car owner would tell you, there are actually more expenses to consider in the long run—and these include car cleaning and detailing.

Keeping your car sparkling clean and looking good like new, however, doesn’t have to be expensive business. Here are some do-it-yourself car wash solutions to help give your ride a healthy glow.

1. Use an air compressor to loosen dirt from your car’s floors

Removing dust and dirt from the nooks and crannies of your car floor can seem like an impossible task. But there’s a trick for this: use an air compressor. With a small, portable compressor, you can easily blow dirt and grime from the farthest corner of your car floor onto your carpet where it’s easy to remove and vacuum them up.

2. Grab a non-acid cleaner for your tires

Pros use specially mixed and formulated acid solutions to keep tires sparkling clean. But for weekend DIY-ers who don’t have access to these special cleaners, non-acid based products are your best bet for cleaning dirty car tires and stripping residue from new tires, as well as removing those stubborn brake dust. Using acid-based cleaners may cause damage to painted wheels or and those with clear coatings. Using a degreaser on wheels is also safe, but detergents should be avoided as they can damage paint when splashed.

3. Hand washing is the best way to go

Hand washing your car may seem like such a chore, but it’s actually the best way to clean your car’s surfaces. When hand washing, remember to steer clear from using dishwashing detergents. They may get the car clean, but they can also strip off its protective wax coatings, making your car vulnerable to scratches, stains and nicks. To protect and preserve your car’s finish, go for a carwash solution instead. Once you’re done washing, dry the surface using a rubber-blade squeegee.

4. Clean contaminants off your paint

Simply washing isn’t enough to keep your paint clean, considering that various contaminants such as bird droppings and man-made pollutants can quickly settle on the paint if you’re not careful. There are two ways to clean contaminants: using paint cleaners; and rubbing paint-cleaning clay on to the paint lubricated with a liquid cleaner was.

5. Protect paint with wax

Your car’s coat can wear off over time, leaving the paint unprotected from the elements. That’s why wax is important. Although wax will also wear off in a few months, during its service it will be able to absorb scratches and stains that would otherwise make it to the paint if not because of it. You can choose between paste and liquid wax. Apply two coats of wax for added protection.

Treat your car’s surface as you would your face—with extreme care and protection. Using the tips above, you can easily get your car sparkling but minus the extra expense of letting the pros do it.

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